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Your Support of American News Commentary

American News Commentary (ANC) has been published on a not-for-profit basis for almost ten years. There has never been any subscription charge, no books are offered for sale ... no DVDs, no T-shirts, no coffee mugs. Nothing. Until now there has never been any suggestion of a need for financial help.

Thousands read each issue, but only a few—only about 40—have expressed their appreciation through any financial help.

We do not intend to begin charging a subscription fee, but we would like to suggest an appropriate donation. Suppose you consider $12 on an annual basis. That works out to $1 a month, or approximately 25 cents per weekly issue. But that is just a suggestion.

Be assured that no gift is too small. Every dollar helps us to continue this valuable and important ministry. Whatever help you provide will be greatly appreciated.

There are two ways you can send support:

1. ONLINE Via CREDIT CARD on our NEW Secure Support Site ... Click HERE
   This site is provided by courtesty of our web provider, ACTS International.

    If you choose to send support by check or Money Order ... Please print and
    use the form below.

My email address: ___________________________

Yes, I want to continue to receive ANC.

No, I do not wish to receive ANC. Please remove my address.

YES, I want to help ensure the continuance of American News Commentary and am enclosing my check for:

$12     $25     $50     $100     $______

Please make your check or Money Order payable to American News Commentary, or just ANC.

Please include your postal address so we can mail your receipt to you.

Name ______________________________
                                         Please Print
Address: ___________________________

City: _______________________________

State: _____________ Zip: ____________

Mail to:

American News Commentary
P.O. Box 131560
San Diego, CA 92170

Thank you—in advance—for your support! It will be greatly appreciated.

Gratefully in Christ,

Jerry Beavan
Senior Editor
American News Commentary

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