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About American News Commentary

Although this weekly commentary has been regularly strengthened by the expressions of theological and political positions from associates who are knowledgeable and experienced observers of the place of our times in history, from the beginning it has been a publication reflecting the views of the senior editor, Dr. Jerry Beavan, who usually signs his work simply with "JB." The research and editorial work are primarily his responsibility.

In another context, his very brief curriculum vitae appeared in these words: "My 93 years have permitted me to have a lifetime of varied experiences including having been a world traveler (47 round the world trips before I quit traveling); serving as a professor in College and Theological Seminary; called by Billy Graham the 'architect of world evangelism;' being active in the American government process as a state and federal lobbyist; working as a journalist and radio
newscaster ... and now in retirement, reflecting on all I have learned through the years. My main interest and occupation now is trying to use my editorial skills to serve the Christian Church which Jesus established, by strengthening people's convictions concerning the Bible, helping Christians to understand all that their faith involves, with a special emphasis on fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ to preach and teach throughout the whole world, and to be what Jesus directed us to be: both light and salt in our world."

Begun in mid-June, 2003 with just 27 "subscribers," ANC is now in its 9th year, and with no advertising or promotion, the circulation of each weekly issue is now numbered in thousands. The tremendous circulation growth has come purely from word-of-mouth recommendation by readers. While it is true that by far the majority of readers live in the United States, each issue goes to many overseas email addresses.

The basic editorial position has always been clear and uncompromising: the religious viewpoint is Christian and Evangelical; the social, political and economic viewpoint is Conservative. And, of course, Pro-American.

From day-one there has never been a subscription charge, and until recently, as circumstances made necessary, there had never been any solicitation of financial assistance to make possible the continuation of this news/commentary.

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